I'm just a dude who loves to tell stories. The kind of stories that not only entertain but feeds the soul. Don't worry, no preaching here - just much love. I can have my beliefs without forcing them on you. That would not be loving. My story telling includes a movie that I wrote, produced and directed entitled, 'Rejector's of the Blood'. It actually won 'Audience Choice Award for Best Picture '. When I'm not writing stories I use my ordination as a Minister to privately disciple hearts that are seeking the Divine. There are many who do not gravitate to a formal religion but know there is something greater than themselves. I help them navigate the journey to discover what that is. Some, like me, love Jesus but see him as so much more than the tradition that surrounds him and have questions about that. I provide a safe place to explore those questions. I also provide Stress Management coaching. Much needed in these days, no?

I also, just for fun and relaxation, compose non-commercial instrumental music. All with a computer - which is really funny because a concert promoter once reached out to me and ask if, 'me and my band' could perform at his club. I told him that he may need to look for another band, since if I came it would only be me and my mouse... My music is no particular genre. Some very good - some well like I said, non - commercial. If it makes people happy, makes them feel good, then that is good enough for me. If you want to check some of it out head here, www.reverbnation.com/jamiekarris




So why do I do all this? There are many reasons but one quote sums it up,

"Making art and working consciously with imagery, music and words provides a focus for bringing the energies required for healing an individual, community and planet." (Awaken to the Spirit World)

P.S., Helkuo means to draw by the power of love.The number 7 is a number of completion. So everything I do is to draw by the power of love completely. This is my purpose. I hope you will join me on this journey to love.