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The Full Story: From Modern Life to Internal Peace

The full story it says. Well here comes the switch. The full story is about you and your journey to epic spiritual love and growth. The focus here is on The Creator who loves you infinitely and how we can help you discover that love and reveal to you who you really are beyond all the noise and gimmicks. No flashy videos. No promises of overnight changes. Just pure heart to heart teaching and community building. We do this by discipling small groups of no more than 5 to 10 people - in person or online. Also, there is One to One instruction. The Center will have no more than 120 active seekers, in person or online, within our 2-year cycle. We are concerned with the quality of your soul building. We are not concerned with having copious amounts of participants. 


A little about me: I have a degree in Philosophy and Religion. I am ordained. I am a Talmid of Jesus. You may not know what that means, but if you become a part of the Evolving Center, you will learn. I am a writer. I compose music. I tell stories with animation. We are Ecumenical and welcome all faiths. Teaching and helping you, as a Rohi (Shepherd), discover the answers to the burning questions in your heart, is my passion. 


There is no hype here. Modern life may be loud and busy - with quick little social media snippets of self-improvement, but God is forever found in the 'still small voice' of your being and in the reverent and diligent seeking of your heart. That will never change, even though you will evolve as you come in contact with the power and love of the Creator. If you feel drawn, then fill out the form below and I will be in touch.


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